Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've never been well versed in foreign languages (I'm lucky to understand my native tongue most of the time. LoL!). So when I saw posts of Kawaii art, I had no idea it meant "Cute" art. Somehow I eventually stumbled upon that fact and have been in love with all things kawaii ever since. LoL!

One love I've found recently is for kawaii food jewelry. They're so tiny and adorable! But having been unable to work well with clay and polymer items, I'ev always avoided trying to make such things myself. Although a few months ago, I tried ultra light sculpey clay as a jumping off point, which I do NOT recommend for new users. It did not turn out well. :S However, after doing some research and finding a small craft store not too far away, I was able to find some better clay to work with. Fimo, I believe? *Will have to double check that later* Either way, here's a few of my creations thus far. Note, none of these items have been glazed. I also have several items that I've turned into earrings and necklaces, so hopefully I can take some better pictures of those soon to share. ;) (The lighting is really bad on some of these. :P)

I'm a deviant...

...a Deviant artist that is. LoL! I decided to jump on the bandwagon and create my own deviant art account. Feel free to follow me there as well. ;) I also have a tumblr blog I've had plans to try out, but so far, blogger has been the best place for me, so don't expect me to switch anytime soon. ;) However, if you wish to follow me there, here's that link as well. ;)