Monday, February 13, 2017

What to do with multiple planners? Create a doodle planner!

 Way back during Black Friday, I took advantage of the sale Michael's had going on where their planners were on sale.  Both the Recollections brand and the Happy Planner brand.  Even though I already had a personal planner for 2017 and only needed one planner for work for 2017, I ended up buying two extra planners that day.  One I have since given to my niece as it did not end up suiting me and she needed a new planner, and this gorgeous Unicorn covered planner.  I had no idea what I was originally going to do with this planner, but ultimately decided that it would be perfect for doodling!

If you've following me for awhile, you'll have noticed that I haven't drawn much of anything in ages.  Maybe a doodle either or there, but nothing much.  I've barely even touched my Wacom tablet in ages on my computer.  I'm hoping to eventually try to save up to get the Ipad Pro to remedy this, however for doodling, I decided this would be the best option.  Something I can keep track of and post everyday and know when I miss a day.  For 2016 I tried the Year of the Doodle book, which you can see me talk about here.  While I absolutely loved the look of this book, I found that it did not work for me in the way that I wanted.  It comes undated, which normally would suit me well, but actually worked against me.  I couldn't remember what day I was on and forgot to check on it daily.  I would also work ahead and then get behind constantly.  It also had a basic glue bound spine where as I tend to work better with spiral or loose leaf pages.  It also had prompts on several dates, though not all, that ended up crippling my creativity rather than helping it. 

 You only learn by doing though, so while I did end up finishing it, it was not fully filled nor completed in the way I wanted.  I still love how it turned out overall, since it served as a sort of record keeping book more than a doodle book, it simply did not inspire me the way I had hoped.  Which is not to say that this book will not inspire you if you wish to try it yourself!  I just realized that it didn't work for me in the way I wanted.  I debated even starting another yearly project, since I never handle them verywell.  For whatever reason that process just doesn't seem to work for me.  It took me trying it repeatedly for years to finally admit that while I love the idea and wish I could do it myself, it's just not going to happen, or I didn't think so anyway.

Surprisingly this has been one type that seems to be working.  I've only been keeping this book for a month and a half and I do have to say, I've already learned a lot about myself.  I feel like this has been helping me to create and figure out the type of style I really like and could call my own.  Or at least find my way to it.  

Keeping this style of planner as a daily doodle sketchbook also keeps me from jumping ahead or falling behind because I do carry it with me as much as possible and it's already dated so I don't have to try to figure out what day or month I'm on.  I will say I do wish I had gotten a Happy Planner instead as I believe that style of planner would have suited me better.  If I do this again in 2018, I will definitely go that route!

Overall it's been a decent doodle planner and I do enjoy using it.  The colors are soft and not overwhelming, so far at least, that I feel too distracted when drawing.  I do find the bottom of the page is a bit wasted on me, but for planning it would probably come in quite useful for notes or lists.  The pages are fairly thick and good quality and I haven't had any bleed through on the few markers, inks pads, and pens I have used in it.
 I can't wait to see the finished book at the end of the year. I posted a couple of quick videos of the flip through on Instagram and it really makes me happy to see all the pages full of doodles.  The colorful washi at the bottom even makes the pages look more fun and bright once everything is completed.

 I did originally put in the dates for some birthdays in the month of January,  which I've decided against doing in any future months.  I do like the way the pages look with that little bit of color.  The last few weeks I've gotten away from really using much color but that's something I would really like to incorporate somehow into this book.  Not overwhelmingly, just a little bit though.  

 I hope you enjoyed seeing and hearing about my doodle planner so far!

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What I've been up to! Part Two!

Here's some of my latest Planner related posts, for those interested.  Can't believe I haven't posted since October!  :O



 I also found these really cute coloring pages on The ColoringCrew website.  They have a lot of kid friendly images to color, and I loved their kawaii ones so much that I printed out a bunch of little ones to color and use in my planner! 

 Also fell prey to the latest adorable Valentine's and planner supplies from Michaels.  I absolutely love the Unicorn washi and stickers!  They match my Unicorn Recollections planner perfectly!  (Stay tuned to see more about it in my upcoming posts!)


Also bought some super beautiful stickers from TheResetGirl's shop!  Aren't they just gorgeous?!

What I've been up to! Part One!

Sorry for being gone so long!  I've pretty much just been posting to Instagram lately as I just haven't had time to share anything anywhere else.  I do have some things I'd like to share with you guys, so I'll go ahead and post those here!  
I have a fairly longer post to share as well so I'll keep this one brief and simple! I'll try to start off where I left off before, with these little mini memory books I made.  The purple one I made for my birthday and the other is obviously for Halloween.  I was waiting for pictures from Groovebook to be printed to put in these so I need to go back and finish them!  
I made the snowman book from a travelers notebook I got from Michaels and love how it turned out.  So much so, I couldn't decide what to do with it!  LoL!


Found this cute little blank wooden sign at Walmart that I ended up painting and created to look like something from Alice in Wonderland.  :) 

 Obligatory silly dinosaur sketch.  Obviously.

And we'll finish this post with some colorful gelliprint / Mixed media work.  I really love these pages.  I want to try to start using these for scrapbook pages or something fun.  Just have to make myself do it!