Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Some random things and weird practice.

 Some weird painting practice things.  I don't even know... O.o

 This is a bit out of season but I couldn't seem to help myself. I've been wanting to do a creature in this style for ages and this is apparently what came out of my head.  :p

These are just some hideous scribble pages of me trying to get back into my drawing groove after going a week or so of having almost done little to no drawing.  :/  I hate when that happens.  It feels like forever before I can get back into my drawing groove.  >.<  Hopefully this week won't be so quiet around here and some good ideas will eventually pop into my head.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

This weekend is Mother's day here in the US, so I thought I would doodle a little something silly for it. Hopefully this dude makes it up to her later with an actual gift or something. :P

Oh, and happy mothers day to all the mothers out there. Whether it's a celebrated holiday where you are or not, mother's should always be appreciated for all they do. And on more then just one day I think, too. <3 p="">

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Circles and some traditional pieces


This was originally going to be a gift for someone, but then I either didn't finish it in time or didn't think they'd like it so I stopped at this point. Not sure what else would have been added. Not sure it's worth completing. :/ I'm not really sure what Ride on was meaning here. I think I was basing it off the fact that the person it was for liked horses? But I've no idea why I added the chicken. I must have been thinking to do some farm/cowgirl theme, but I just can't remember. O.o

Drawn in my sketchbook with any microns or black inkpens/markers I had on hand. Colors edited a bit on my computer.

 Another piece from my sketchbook drawn with microns/inkpens/markers. I really liked this one though. It's so much fun trying to fill up the entire page with meaningless doodles and pictures. ;D

 This is an unfinished piece I started awhile ago. I sort of lost focus when I was working on it. It may or may not get finished one day. :/

Drawn in my sketchbook with microns and any other black pens I could get ahold of. The colors were edited a bit from the scan, but nothing else was really changed.

 Random Stuff
 Just some more circular doodles.
 his was fun. I really really really love these two as characters. I may need to revisit them. I think they'd make for a cute little pair to draw.
 This is just so random. I really got into doodling these circle characters. I kept using the same predrawn stuff on them more or less and changed it up a bit each time, so I ended up making dozens with basically very little effort. ;D But I loved how they turned out. I don't know where the idea came from for this. I guess I figured it would hurt having a flag stabbed into me. ;D (I was tired when I drew this, if that helps you to understand where the idea may have come from.) I'm really digging the black/white/gray look. I love the simplicity of basic line art. And I've always loved the Olivia children's books that adds just a bit of color to the mostly black/white/gray photos, so I decided to throw that element in there as well at some point.
 Just more random doodle weirdness.
Just to add a bit of color in with all this black and white stuff. I tend to get carried away with figuring out which color looks best on my creatures. What color do you like best?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some of these are random old things I've not shared and only added here to get rid of all that white space. ;) The items on the right are the majority. The left side and middle are mostly newer things. Specifically newest are the monster images and Spongebob images. I had a terrible headache/migraine last night and tried to ease it by drawing rather simple things. They were the result. I drew the middle spongebob based on how the original character looks on some stickers I have. Then I tried him again in my own 'style'. I'm not sure about the rest. O.o

Original characters are copyrighted to their original owners, whoever they may be. :) Other characters belong to me.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A few people seemed to like the mouse creature from one of my previous doodle pages so I attempted this. (The original doodle had been resized and the rain and background had been added to the smaller version, so I opened up the larger version and had to redraw everything to make it look better.) The rainbow background seems a bit off from the scene. Does it work or should it be darker and more sad/sinister? I kept the image as simple as it was in my doodle. And thinking about it now, I'd rather have the background with some sort of edging detail or pattern. So I may still revise this a bit. I wouldn't mind expanding it even into something of a larger illustration actually.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Digital painting; monsters and faces

 These are just some random painting/doodle practice on faces. I always get stumped at their hair. >.< But I was pretty pleased with how the faces turned out themselves. These are probably the best ones I've ever done. And just ignore the random sketches and egg things. Just doodled those up for practice and whatnot. ;)

Just something silly from some basic doodles I was practicing with. I've read through several of these this past week and I think they've been messing with me. LoL! I rarely do dark scenes, in theme or color scheme, and I don't think I've ever done any with a flashlight source. The word bubble seems a bit out of place, but I couldn't seem to resist adding it in.