Saturday, July 24, 2010

DIY Scrabble Jewelry

Sorry, I've been busy and not able to post much. I did make these earrings and necklaces out of scrapbook pages and scrabble pieces. They were extremely easy.

Here's what I used:

E-6000 glue (also works for clay products I believe)
Jewelry findings (basically these are just like chain links, only individual and circular rather then oval)
Old scrabble game pieces
Small photos, scrapbook paper or whatever you want to put on your scrabble piece.
Mod Podge glue/decopodge finish
Diamond glaze or other dimensional finish (optional)
Any additional embellishments you might like to add, such as plastic gems, etc.

Take your chosen picture(s), measure and cut them to size, then glue them on. I used the mod podge to glue here, which will also served as a finish on my pieces to keep the paper safe. To give your earrings or jewelry a unique look, you can alternate which way you use the scrabble pieces, for example, on the owl earrings I created below, one earring is vertical, the other horizontal. I also varied the photos to make it even more interesting. Once you glue your photos on and any embellishments you wish to add(I recommend using the E6000 glue for the extra items), then you can either cover the piece with the finish now or go ahead and attach the finding to the top of the piece with the E-6000 glue and wait for it to set before using the finish. It would probably be easier and best to do the finish before gluing on the findings. Once you have those steps completed, you can take your dimensional finish and use it to enhance your photos. I did not enhance these when I took the pictures but added some dimension to some of them later. This worked very well on the snail necklace piece I created.

You'll need to let the glue set completely for about 24 hours, but after that, you should be able to add these to any necklaces or earrings you wish. :) It's a great way to use those old game pieces you have lying around, or to add some unique jewelry to your collection. Feel free to leave a comment with pictures or questions if you try this out for yourself.