Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Art Supplies

I love seeing what other people use to create their art and what they have in their supplies, so I thought it might be fun to share what I normally use for my art. I think the photo is self explanatory enough, so I'll cease writing and let you simply enjoy the pic. ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!

On August 9th of 2007, I added my first post to the world of blogdom. And I'm still at it, though not quite as vigorously, some years later in 2011. I think i said it had been five years, but I think it's really been four? I've grown to be terrible at math these last few years. LoL! Still, a birthday is a birthday no matter the age, so wanted to wish all those following me or visiting a very wonderful day and hope that you have enjoyed my works thus far and will continue to do so in the future. ;) And stay tuned for my giveaway! :D Shouldn't be too long now. ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Machu the cat is Very Hungry, now available for preorder!

Sorry for the absence. I've been updating my facebook page more often then here, so feel free to check it out.

But I wanted to stop by here and let everyone now, preorders for my latest illustrated book are now up for grabs. ;D Just head over to Jack and Machu's page to reserve your copy (they're limited edition copies signed by the author and our stars, Jack and Machu). And don't forget to check our their facebook fan page for all the latest going on with our favorite kittens, Machu and Jack. ;D

And here are some sample pages from the book for your viewing pleasure. ;) Enjoy!