Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free wallpaper and a new pony!

I doodled this up last night, and as a reminder to myself, I added Cutie Mark above it, to remember to add one (I'm forgetful like that), when I realized it would be fun to have her name actually be Cutie Mark. LoL! And such a name obviously requires an ability to draw and create cute stuff, hence the pencil and crayon. (Recognize them from anywhere? ;D) The speech bubble probably seems out of whack with the photo, since it also looks like she could be sleeping, but it's sort of how I have been feeling lately, as I've had a terrible cold thing I can't seem to shake and am always exhausted. This picture sort of sums up how I feel most of the day these days. As if I could fall over at any moment and either fall asleep or just lay there. LoL! I think this pony is definitely a relative to Pinky Pie.

And here's a couple of wallpapers I drew up last night that I thought I would add for you guys to use.  :)  They are for personal use only and I would appreciate no altering/selling/redistributing/etc. of them, but if you want to use one as your Iphone 5 or desktop wallpaper (size 2560 x 1440), you are free to do so.  If you have trouble saving them, you can download the Iphone one here and the Desktop one here.  Enjoy!  (If other sizes become a high demand, I will be more then happy to create them.  I just wasn't sure if anyone would even like them, so I just did a couple of basic ones for fun.  Leave a comment if you'd like to see more sizes.  :) 

Friday, August 2, 2013

You may have noticed a few changes around here.  Hopefully they will be for the better.  I've been trying to get my sharing platforms on a centralized 'theme'.  And I really love graphing/grid paper lately, so it seems to be part of the basis of this redesign.  Some things are still slightly
 under construction but so far, things seem to be working the way I had imagined them, which is definitely awesome.  Hopefully you'll see more changes coming in the near future.  Please let me know if you find anything that doesn't work (broken links, etc.).  

Hope you enjoy the new design!  

And here's a little extra something for your Friday viewing pleasure.  ;)  Happy Friday!
(Note: Images copyright/created by My Littly Pony/Hasbro)