Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Free wallpaper and a new pony!

I doodled this up last night, and as a reminder to myself, I added Cutie Mark above it, to remember to add one (I'm forgetful like that), when I realized it would be fun to have her name actually be Cutie Mark. LoL! And such a name obviously requires an ability to draw and create cute stuff, hence the pencil and crayon. (Recognize them from anywhere? ;D) The speech bubble probably seems out of whack with the photo, since it also looks like she could be sleeping, but it's sort of how I have been feeling lately, as I've had a terrible cold thing I can't seem to shake and am always exhausted. This picture sort of sums up how I feel most of the day these days. As if I could fall over at any moment and either fall asleep or just lay there. LoL! I think this pony is definitely a relative to Pinky Pie.

And here's a couple of wallpapers I drew up last night that I thought I would add for you guys to use.  :)  They are for personal use only and I would appreciate no altering/selling/redistributing/etc. of them, but if you want to use one as your Iphone 5 or desktop wallpaper (size 2560 x 1440), you are free to do so.  If you have trouble saving them, you can download the Iphone one here and the Desktop one here.  Enjoy!  (If other sizes become a high demand, I will be more then happy to create them.  I just wasn't sure if anyone would even like them, so I just did a couple of basic ones for fun.  Leave a comment if you'd like to see more sizes.  :) 

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