Friday, May 6, 2016

What I've been up to lately...

  Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of months.  It's hard to believe it's already May!  I swear time goes by faster the older you get!  Anyway, I figured it was high time to post an update of what I've been up to! :)  Rather than posting everything chronologically, I wanted to try something a little different this round and post things in categories while also keeping this post in sync with some of my other social media posts, descriptions, hashtags and all.  Hopefully it won't make the post TOO long, but either way you'll at least get all the writing broken up with some (hopefully) cool photos.  ;)  P.S.  If you're one of the rare, awesome people who follows my blog, or found it, because of my digital art, just know that I am slowly trying to get back into digitally drawing (have kind of taken a break from it for awhile) and will hopefully have some new things to share with you guys soon.  Probably something very hideous, but some sort of digital drawings none the less.  ;) 


 I sprayed some dylusions sprays directly on to one of my stamp blocks that's roughly the same size as my mini sticker sheets to see what it would do and ended up with these. It was extremely messy but I really love the outcome. #dylusions #sprayink #experiments #stickers #diy #scrapbookpaper #wip #galaxy #colorful #stamps

 Recently bought some dylusions stamps at Tuesday morning and thought I would play around with painting them with some watercolor. Not the best but it came out better than I expected. The derby is this weekend, so this is actually perfect for that.  #dylusions #stamps #artistloftwatercolors #painting #watercolors #heidiswappstamps


  This section is probably pretty boring, but for anyone else like me, I thought I'd still post some of my random planner pages.  I've been struggling with keeping a planner and getting it organized, so maybe this will help those also dealing with those issues. 

 I haven't really shared a planner layout for awhile. My system is still a little all over the place but it's working fairly well for me for the most part. I've been incorporating my lettering into my layouts more too, which I really like. #happyplanner #planner #plannerdecorating #weeklayout #organizing #myweeksofar

I am a terrible craft hoarder. I buy so many cute things and then never use them for various reasons. The main two being that I'm either intimidated by them or I'm waiting for the 'right project' to use them on. Both of which are ridiculous reasons not to use my cute stuff! So my goal is to start using more of my supplies. I know some I will save for special projects, but I can't save every single thing! I've been starting out by using more supplies in my planners. I've gotten a bit tired of my current MAMBI planner layout. The colors feel so drab and boring now compared to the new one I have waiting and I really hate the morning, afternoon and evening breakout. I'm so glad the new planners don't all have that. I've started predecorating my new planner but since I can only plan so far ahead, I want to jazz up my old planner in the meantime to make me want to use it more. This week so far is still pretty boring as far as overall layout, but I'm slowly making it functional and prettier to look at. #plannerdecorating #mambihappyplanner #plannersupplies #michaelsartsandcrafts #stickers #stickynotes #letters #diystickers #postitnotes #organization

 Some word motivation for this week to try to push myself out of my comfort zone. #words#quotes #letters #lettering #typography #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #papermatehighlighters #optimusfelttippen #papermateflairpens #lifequotes

 Playing with some new, old, and handmade stamps. With just a sprinkling of lettering practice thrown in for good measure. #stamps #midoritravelersnotebook #bohotravelersnotebook #travelersnotebook #colorful #stickers #diy #scrapbookpaper #lettering

 Using some blank scrapbook paper sheets to stamp on. Can you tell I really like my new jar stamp? Best part is that it only cost .50¢! #stamps #jarstamp #michaelsartsandcrafts #mustaches #scrapbookpaper #diy #pocketletter #diecuts #wip #heidiswappstamps

I found some Dylusions stamp sets at Tuesday morning that I love. I believe they're both from the couture collection set. One is the Walk in the Park clear stamps and the other was this set of lovely ladies called So Many Hats. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them, I was originally thinking of using them in my bible/faith binder, but I think they may be a good project to use for Mother's Day instead. #dylusions #walkinthepark #somanyhats #clearstamps #artjournal #biblejournaling #inspirationalcards #diycards #diynotes #studiogink #stamps #stamping


  I always have some random stuff going on it seems.  One of those random things has been my interest in lists.  This was my listers gotta list book for April.  I accidentally labelled it March and had to change out the letters.  :P  I've slacked off on my listing the last several months though.  (I didn't even finish this one either!)  I've decided /realized that while I like to list things, keeping a daily, thought provoking set of lists is not really my thing.  I love the idea and would love to keep up with daily lists, but I'm just not that sort of person.  It's just too hard for me to keep up with.  I may have to work out a different way to do the lists in the future. 

 That moment when you realize you put down the wrong month. This was actually my Listers book for April. #itsaprilnotmarch #mybrainhasntcaughtupyet #idontknowwhatimdoing #listersgottalist #listbook #minitravellersnotebook #travellersnotebook #lists

Pulled out some of my old stash to use on my Mother's Day project. It's funny how much you can find hidden away. I had a bunch of Anna Griffin pages and a few matching embellishments that are just gorgeous. Plus a cardboard book (from Recollections I think?) as well as tons of other miscellaneous supplies and papers I had completely forgotten about. Most of which I have been saving for that "perfect" project. Half of them I don't even know the companies of. Still, this stuff has to start being used! To make room for more, obviously. #annagriffin #recollections #cardboardbook #dylusionsstamps #stamps #diycards #diygifts #mothersday #happyplanner

  A little weekly inspiration reminder for you. Don't forget that you really are amazing. #projectlife #vellumcutouts #targetonespot #simplestories #freckledfawn #scrapbookpapers #dollartree #pin #katespadesaturday


  I've recently wanted to start keeping a Bible or Faith journal for my own spiritual growth.  With both Illustrated Faith and Documented Faith  and just Bible journaling in general growing so much lately, it's inspired me to also want to bring my artistic side into my faith.  

Decided to try making a faith binder. I used some of my own printed mixed media pages on the cover and just went through a bunch of my scrapbook papers to find some to use inside. I've been trying to use up more of my stash so maybe this will help. #mixedmedia #illustratedfaith #documentedfaith #faithbinder #biblejournaling #havefaith #usingmystash #scrapbookpapers #mymindseye #heidiswapp #wermemorykeepers #maggieholmes #basicgrey #graphic45 #simplestories #snap #stickers #everythingbutthekitchensink

 While I enjoy doing my own lettering most of the time, I love using letter stickers even more. I don't have to worry about messing up (which I always seem to do when I'm hand lettering) and I can easily add lots of color and style using a variety of stickers. My current favorites include mini alpha stickers by jillibean soup, a colorful transparent set from the dollar tree, the aristocrat set by sticko brand, the simple stories sn@p letter sticker packs, and the Studio 112 letter stickers from Joanns. There are so many more I would love to get, but so far these seem to be my go to for letter stickers. Would love to hear what favorite stickers you all love! #biblejournaling #faithbinder #havefaith #psalm23 #thelordismyshepherd #workinprogress #letters #letterstickers #jillibeansoup #studio112 #joanns #snap #simplestories #sticko #dollartree #minialpha #type #typography

 I did some stamping over the weekend on leftover cardstock pieces and thought they would be a great addition in my bible/faith binder. #faithbinder #praisebinder #havefaith #smileandchoosejoy #stamps #heidiswappstamps #michaelsartsandcrafts #scrapbookpapers #paperclips #illustratedfaith #documentedfaith

 Got my bible/faith binder set up over the weekend and it's full of colorful pages to write on! ☺️ Can't wait to get started! #faithbinder #biblejournaling #faith #illustratedfaith #documentedfaith #scrapbookpaper #mixedmedia #prints #colorful #lifestuff #lifejournal #graphic45

 I found these cute sticky note sets from the dollar tree. And they are actually not too bad! A lot of the Cheaper priced sticky notes I buy just plain suck but these seem somewhat decent for a dollar set. We'll see how well they hold up I guess after I use them a bit more though. #dollartree #dollartreefinds #stickynotes #plannersupplies #spring #planner

I heard Websters color crush planners were at Joanns, so I checked it out online, since the one closest to me isn't carrying them (yet?) and found it was on sale for $20.99 and today they have a flat rate shipping coupon for $4.99, so I couldn't help but get one. Lol! I love the A5 size, but there is just something so cute about a personal size planner. Now to figure out what to put in it once it gets here. #websterspages #colorcrushplanner #joanns #joannsfabric #butteryellow #colorfulplanner #planner #plannersupplies #personalplanner

Awesome new sets of stickers I found at Michaels in the $1.99 bins. I love the colors. They should match my MAMBI 2016/17 happy planner perfectly. I can't wait to get to start using it in July! #impatient #MAMBI #happyplanner #colorful #stickers #michaelsartsandcrafts #plannersupplies #plannerdecorating

 Awesome happy mail from cocoa daisy! #happymail #snailmail #cocoadaisy #grabbag #awesomemail #funstuff

 I also picked up a couple of new things this weekend. Michaels had a pretty big sale going on, so I couldn't help but get one of the new boho travelers notebooks. And I really shave fallen in love with the MAMBI happy planner. I saw this one and absolutely fell in love. The colors and style are so perfect. It doesn't start until July so I can't use it yet but I think this will be my new planner and my current planner will become my work planner. I can not wait to start using it! #mambihappyplanner #planner #boho #travelersnotebook #midoritravelersnotebook #happyplanner #mambi #michaelsartsandcrafts

 I see why people like ordering things online. It's so much fun having a package waiting for you. Oriental trading has had a free shipping deal going on that applies to any purchase amount, so I got these awesome mustache related stamps, brads, and paper clips all under $10. They have some great items at a really low price so definitely check them out! I had no idea they carried art supply types of items like this. Can't wait to try out the stamps. The stamps can also go straight into a large three ring binder or re punched to fit a smaller 5x 7 binder. #orientaltrading #happymail #snailmail #funstuff #stamps #mustaches #paperclips #supplies #happywednesday

I keep forgetting about the rest of the items that came in my cocoa daisy grab bag box. How, I have no idea! Some items I took out to use but It came with these adorable little embellishments (the glasses, pens, and paper clips), as well as some lovely Maggie holmes puffy stickers and a small to do list cling stamp. I thought the glasses look pretty good on my little homemade bunny. I think they might just end up with him permanently. #cocoadaisy #maggieholmes #stickers #handmade #bunny #rabbit #paperclips #stamps #embellishments #woodveneer

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mixed Media painting

I decided it was long enough to go without painting, so I pulled out my most colorful paints and went to town!  I enhanced a few pieces I had already gelliprinted and did some new pieces as well and absolutely love them.  Here's a few I've done so far.  

#mixedmedia #painting #letters #stencils #acrylicpaint #artjournal #biblejournal #pocketletter #scrapbookpaper #7gypsies #jillibeansoup

Planner update

 I know these posts are probably boring, but for any other planner lovers out there, these are for you.  ;)  I can't remember if I mentioned that I bought a Simple Stories Carpe Diem planner or not, but if not, then you know now.  ;)  I got the robins egg blue but they all look beautiful.  I'm thinking about either getting another color in the future or possibly trying out a websters color crush planner.  We'll see I guess.  I really have fell in love with my happy planner by MAMBI, too. 

#planner #organization #organizedlife #mambi #happyplanner #create365planner #carpediemplanner #simplestories #snap

Pocket Letters and new supplies

A quick update on some cool new pocket letter/planer goodies I've come across lately as well as a couple of pocket letters I've sent out.  
 My mom found these awesome box kits on sale and while they're actually for Christmas, they make perfect Valentine boxes as well! 
 Found these adorable drink and pastry paper sticky note set at the dollar tree!  They all come in a pack together and while the bigger two are just note pads, the little donut hole is a sticky note pad!
 Found these awesome trio set of notebooks at the dollar tree as well.  They are lined, unlined and graph papers.  I decided to use the zebra one as my new Listers Gotta List booklet. 

These are probably the cutest set of buttons I have ever seen.  I absolutely love them and bought a set for myself as well as to send out in my pocket letters.   
 A sample of awesome goodies to play with that I bought from  I love the Lawn Fawn stamp set.  They're very high quality and super adorable!
 Here's a sneak peek at the two pocket letters I've sent out this year for January. 

This is my latest work in progress mixed media / valentines day pocket letter.  Haven't found anyone to send it to so far but hopefully will soon.  ;)  

#mixedmedia #scrapbookcom #scrapbooksupplies #illustratedfaith #jillibeansoup #lawnfawn #ephemera #pocketletter #swap #penpal #dollartree #buttons #kawaiistationary #kawaiisupplies

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Latest Stuff

Okay, final post to officially catch you up to what I've been up to.  This one is pretty short and simple. Mostly planner related.  :p  Feel free to scroll past if that's not your thing. 

 Like I said, I've been using the Mambi Create 365 Happy Planner.  The vertical layout is a bit different for me, since I really like horizontal, but it's slowly growing on me.  I do like the sidebar at the beginning of each week to add any notes.  I've pre planned some weeks ahead (Just certain things that I want to put in certain spots on my layouts) and after the first couple of weeks I've situated some notes on the side for future use that I think I will like.  (Check back to see updates on what I'm referring to.)  I've also been forcing myself to use my stickers and ephemera and other art related supplies.  Weirdly, I have this thing where I don't want to use any of them because I may not be able to get them again in the future, if I really like them?  Does that make sense?  I just don't want to fall in love with something and then run out and not be able to get it or find it again.  Most of the items I get are from random places and I have a hard time getting some of them for various reasons.  However, I have to keep reminding myself that these are just stickers and paper.  It's really not the end of the world if I don't get the exact same thing, no matter how much I might love it.  That's also one reason why I really don't like using color coding systems much, since I might run out and the whole thing would be useless later.  The only way I've found around that is to make my own color coded stickers. 
I love browsing the basic/standard planner supplies at places like Walmart or Staples or where ever.  For the most part there are some items available that will pretty much always be there or will never change.  At least not for a really long time.  They also tend to come in more bulk for cheaper prices and are just your basic, plain items.  One of those items I've found are these little white stickers.  I've lost (or thrown away) the original package and have had them for some time, so I'm not sure what they're intention is really for (generic labels or pricing stickers, I assume), but they are perfect to add in my Happy planner.  I have very little daily space to use in this planner and since I tend to write large and the stickers I have take up a lot of space (and are expensive!), I've started coloring these white/blank stickers with my Hobby Colour markers and Copics to create my own.  They have turned out awesomely!  I only have a few things color coded so far but having so many colors to use makes it so much more fun. 
Hopefully as the months and year goes on, I'll get better at figuring out what works best for me in this planner.  I haven't been a huge fan of the arc binding system, but it's not as bad as I expected.  I don't like not being able to add much to the planner though.  But I really don't need to be adding in much.  I'll keep my ring bound system for that sort of stuff. 

 Another goal of mine is to keep a Bible Journal this year.  I want to grow spiritually and try to better myself in as many ways as possible, so I'm hoping this will help with that.  And help me use the supplies I have.  We'll see how I do with all these new goals.  LoL 

#2016goals #biblejournal #planner #mambi #create365 #happyplanner #colorcoding #plannersupplies #happyplannerreview #ephemera #plannerdecorating