Monday, February 13, 2017

What I've been up to! Part One!

Sorry for being gone so long!  I've pretty much just been posting to Instagram lately as I just haven't had time to share anything anywhere else.  I do have some things I'd like to share with you guys, so I'll go ahead and post those here!  
I have a fairly longer post to share as well so I'll keep this one brief and simple! I'll try to start off where I left off before, with these little mini memory books I made.  The purple one I made for my birthday and the other is obviously for Halloween.  I was waiting for pictures from Groovebook to be printed to put in these so I need to go back and finish them!  
I made the snowman book from a travelers notebook I got from Michaels and love how it turned out.  So much so, I couldn't decide what to do with it!  LoL!


Found this cute little blank wooden sign at Walmart that I ended up painting and created to look like something from Alice in Wonderland.  :) 

 Obligatory silly dinosaur sketch.  Obviously.

And we'll finish this post with some colorful gelliprint / Mixed media work.  I really love these pages.  I want to try to start using these for scrapbook pages or something fun.  Just have to make myself do it! 

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