Friday, August 29, 2008

A little lumpy dragoon...

Just a little something I did with my tablet. ;) I did one without a very decorative background, and then one with a little bit of decoration. Not sure which one looks best. :/ What do you guys think? ;)

Plain background:

Somewhat Decorative background:

Pumpkin Abstract

This is another pumpkin I did with my tablet. Thought I'd make it a little more abstract and different.

Then I tried tweaking it in photoshop and came up with this one that's a little bit darker and a little more bolder. Not sure which one I like best yet. Probably the first one. ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pumpkin patch fencerow

Phew, have been busy, but I'm finally getting somewhat back into the groove of making art, so thought I would post a new pic for you to celebrate the coming of autumn. ;) I know, it's still a ways off, but I just love autumn! ;D

So, here's a little pumpkin I did. ;) Hope you enjoy it! Drew it with my wacom tablet, which I haven't used in ages either. Definately felt good to have that pen back in my hand once again. :)