Thursday, January 7, 2016

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Okay, final post to officially catch you up to what I've been up to.  This one is pretty short and simple. Mostly planner related.  :p  Feel free to scroll past if that's not your thing. 

 Like I said, I've been using the Mambi Create 365 Happy Planner.  The vertical layout is a bit different for me, since I really like horizontal, but it's slowly growing on me.  I do like the sidebar at the beginning of each week to add any notes.  I've pre planned some weeks ahead (Just certain things that I want to put in certain spots on my layouts) and after the first couple of weeks I've situated some notes on the side for future use that I think I will like.  (Check back to see updates on what I'm referring to.)  I've also been forcing myself to use my stickers and ephemera and other art related supplies.  Weirdly, I have this thing where I don't want to use any of them because I may not be able to get them again in the future, if I really like them?  Does that make sense?  I just don't want to fall in love with something and then run out and not be able to get it or find it again.  Most of the items I get are from random places and I have a hard time getting some of them for various reasons.  However, I have to keep reminding myself that these are just stickers and paper.  It's really not the end of the world if I don't get the exact same thing, no matter how much I might love it.  That's also one reason why I really don't like using color coding systems much, since I might run out and the whole thing would be useless later.  The only way I've found around that is to make my own color coded stickers. 
I love browsing the basic/standard planner supplies at places like Walmart or Staples or where ever.  For the most part there are some items available that will pretty much always be there or will never change.  At least not for a really long time.  They also tend to come in more bulk for cheaper prices and are just your basic, plain items.  One of those items I've found are these little white stickers.  I've lost (or thrown away) the original package and have had them for some time, so I'm not sure what they're intention is really for (generic labels or pricing stickers, I assume), but they are perfect to add in my Happy planner.  I have very little daily space to use in this planner and since I tend to write large and the stickers I have take up a lot of space (and are expensive!), I've started coloring these white/blank stickers with my Hobby Colour markers and Copics to create my own.  They have turned out awesomely!  I only have a few things color coded so far but having so many colors to use makes it so much more fun. 
Hopefully as the months and year goes on, I'll get better at figuring out what works best for me in this planner.  I haven't been a huge fan of the arc binding system, but it's not as bad as I expected.  I don't like not being able to add much to the planner though.  But I really don't need to be adding in much.  I'll keep my ring bound system for that sort of stuff. 

 Another goal of mine is to keep a Bible Journal this year.  I want to grow spiritually and try to better myself in as many ways as possible, so I'm hoping this will help with that.  And help me use the supplies I have.  We'll see how I do with all these new goals.  LoL 

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One thing I did do at the end of 2015 was doodle a bit more.  Here are a few of the doodled pages I shared.  Hope you enjoy!  This year I've also started a daily doodle project in my Year of the Doodle planner/journal.  The pages in this thing are absolutely gorgeous.  If you're not into doodling, it would really make a nice little planner as well.  Or you could use it for both I guess.  I'll post my progress so far in another post.  

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Hello 2016!

 Sorry to be MIA so much the past few months.  Sometimes life really gets crazy.  :p

I guess I'll catch up by going somewhat backwards, with the most fun thing I want to share with the lesser of the fun things.

In October, I got to celebrate my birthday early by getting to go on an amazingly awesome cruise!  It started out in Montreal and ended up in Boston.  It. Was. AMAZING! 
I haven't had much time to keep up with my planner and crafty side since I got back.  But now that we're in 2016, my goal is to catch up on everything and actually keep up with it all year.  These are a few of the photos I had at the end of 2015 that I haven't shared here yet.  I will share my latest pictures in a new post. 

I haven't kept up with my Listers Gotta List challenge much since September.  :/  I'm going to try to start over again this January, but I'm already seven days in and haven't started yet.  :/  We'll see if I can get caught up on it this weekend. 

Daily planner pages really haven't been my thing.  I like them and all, but I really don't have enough to plan for day by day.  A weekly spread is more my style.  I've always used it and seem to fall back on it the best.  My current system is the MAMBI Create 365 Happy Planner.  It's a vertical layout, which is what I used some in high school, but that's been years ago and my brain has had a hard time getting on track with it.  It's working better now so maybe I will get used to it as time goes on. 

There really hasn't been much to update since last year.  Mostly just some planner pictures and a few crafty supply buys here and there at most.  I haven't done much mixed media painting or anything.  :/  My goal this year is to get back on board with being creative and actually do something creative every single day.  But more about that in my next post!
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