Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Work

Okay, so I haven't gotten to see Coraline yet, however it is on my to do list. :) Apparently movies don't run as late in the winter here as they do in the summer, and since this is a kid's movie, it only runs on the early times, so it will probably have to be a weekend before I can see it, and they're jam packed right now as it is. However, I will try to post about it when I see it. ;)

On another note, I still haven't been able to scan my newest sketches and works, but I have been doodling and playing around with my tablet and computer and came up with somethings I thought was cute last night. Thought I would share them with you guys really quick. ;)

Here's one that was more of an experiment. I've been trying out some of the techniques on adobe and here's a few of the pictures I've come up with so far.

I love the one with the airplanes. I tried printing it and it came out a little dark, so I may need to lighten it a bit, but I thought this would make a great luggage tag or something. I'm going to play around with adobe some more and some other techniques to see what I can come up with. ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Great Website

A friend of mine told me about this website and I have fallen in love with it. The colors are vibrant. The pictures are adorable. What more could any illustrator/artist want? ;)

Check it out for yourself:

Vlad Studio

Monday, February 16, 2009

Movie Pre- Review : Coraline

Sorry for my prolonged absence. I have some new art I need to put up, but I haven't had the time lately, however I do have lots of new pieces I need to post and share. :) Not sure when I'll be able to get them up though, so in the meantime, I thought I would post about the new movie, Coraline, coming out. I believe it's based off a children's book, however I haven't done much research on it yet, so I'm not really sure. I have found the movie website and I have to say, it's one of the best I've seen in a while. It's perfect for children and those young pre-teens (and even those kid-at-heart adults like myself!). There are all sorts of things to do there. You can visit Coraline's world, visit her neighbors, watch the trailer and even create your own flower and post it to your facebook or myspace page, or even email it to your friends and family. The movie is stop-motion with clay animated figures, which I have always loved. I can only imagine the patience the people who made that movie have. There aren't too many stop motion movies out there right now, which makes them all the better in my opinion, since we get to see how those movies grow and develop. I especially love watching the behind the scene footages. The website actually has some of those you can watch as well. It's quite fascinating to see how Coraline's world is made and how all of her clothing and facial expressions are created. Again, the patience those people have to make those things astounds me.

Anyway, I haven't seen the movie yet, but hope to in the very near future, which is why I have titled this entry my 'pre-review'. Hopefully once I see it, I can get back on here and let you know my full review. :) Until then, I would definately recommend checking out their website. It does take it a few minutes to load, so you may have to wait. But believe me, the wait is definately worth it. ;)

Oh, and Happy Late Valentine's Day!