Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blogger acting buggy?

I just noticed that blogger seems to be having an issue with uploading some of my work.  The pieces are very bright, yet blogger shows them as dull, almost as if they have a dark overlay over them?  I can't figure out why or what's going on.  If you'd like to see the pieces at what they should look like, you can check them out on my Deviantart page or facebook page.  They should show up correctly at those places for now.  They seem to be anyway.  Not sure what's going on but hopefully it's just a temporary glitch.  I only just noticed it today.  :/ 

More vectors

 This piece started out as something completely different and somehow morphed into this.  I even started creating an extremely stupid, very silly story to go with it as I kept going with it.  Apologies if none of it makes any sense.  I really enjoyed working on this though, the picture part at least.  ;)  It's rare I ever pull together an entire piece like this, with a background and everything.

Another practice piece in this simple style.  Care for a cup of tea? :)  Be careful, the cups are ticklish.  ;D

Monday, February 17, 2014

Card designs, etc.

A simple design with some cake variations and practice with a new style of lettering.  Possible a birthday card design? 


 Just a silly design I was playing around with for a birthday card idea.

A monster birthday card idea?

 Some practice with a new style of lettering I've been trying out.  This one sort of became more of a logo type of thing then just plain text practice. 

I really really loved this piece I created a little while back.
So I recycled and redid some bits of it and created this, which I like even better!  LoL!  I really like creating in this style, if you can't tell.  It's absolutely delish.  ;D

Activity Sheets / layouts

I took a little time this weekend to try to get back into my creative groove and ended up creating a couple of 11 x 17 activity layout pages.  Some of the items I had already created and some were new.  I really enjoyed putting them together (although they're not quite complete).  It was fun trying to think of how to put the pages together and to find something fun to put on them, although I feel like I was being too repetitive on some things.  Still, I really liked how they turned out.  I wouldn't mind making an entire book of pages like this.  :)

Grandmother Willow

I've always loved Grandmother Willow from Disney's Pocahontas.  I thought it would be fun to see if I could replicate her a bit.  Didn't quite get there, but I still liked how it turned out. The top picture shows the original with my creation below and the very bottom picture is a larger single version, just if you're interested in seeing it as a stand alone picture? 
(Character and design is copyrighted to Disney.)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sketchbook pages - February 2014

Just a quick peek at a few of my sketchbook pages.  (Sorry for the terrible lighting.  Haven't had time to photograph anything properly.  :/ )

Smash book - updated

    Sometime ago, when I got my first Smash Book (the green one pictured here) by K & Company, I started adding in as many things in as many ways as I could that inspired me, which is what the Smash Book series were originally created for as far as I can tell.  Because this book can be whatever I want it to be, it doesn't matter how messy or pretty or ugly or whatever each page turns out.  And while I try to keep mine as nice and inspirational as I can, they don't always end up as something pretty to look at.  Regardless, I've found they are great for keeping inspiration at your fingertips and have even been debating on creating one (the pink one) into a planner of sorts.  But that will be another post.  The black Smash Book is for my Halloween, Thanksgiving and fall related items, as that is my favorite time of the year and is the most inspirational to me.  I went through and pulled out just a few of the pages or elements I've added in so far to share with you guys since my last post.  (Sorry for any repeat pages.  These are at least better quality then the ones before so you should be able to actually see them this time.)  Hope you guys enjoy!

 Most of the pages are compiled of stickers I've collected, pictures I've printed or found or random other things I simply liked and wanted to keep.

 I really love my kawaii / cute sticker pages.  Can you see the bright pink fishy stamp I handcarved in there, too?

 I haven't put a lot of my own art in this book, but I will occasionally add a few things in, such as the partial flower picture above and the lettering shown.

I also created what's shown on these two pages.  The girl and her pet dog were hand cut and crafted from paper while the lettering was doodled on some old paper, then cute out and added in.  The black and white photo of the girl standing on a head was doodled on sticker paper with permanent markers.


I love adding in as much as I can to this book, especially anything colorful and bright.  

These pages below are from my latest book about autumn and fall, specifically Halloween so far.