Thursday, May 9, 2013

Circles and some traditional pieces


This was originally going to be a gift for someone, but then I either didn't finish it in time or didn't think they'd like it so I stopped at this point. Not sure what else would have been added. Not sure it's worth completing. :/ I'm not really sure what Ride on was meaning here. I think I was basing it off the fact that the person it was for liked horses? But I've no idea why I added the chicken. I must have been thinking to do some farm/cowgirl theme, but I just can't remember. O.o

Drawn in my sketchbook with any microns or black inkpens/markers I had on hand. Colors edited a bit on my computer.

 Another piece from my sketchbook drawn with microns/inkpens/markers. I really liked this one though. It's so much fun trying to fill up the entire page with meaningless doodles and pictures. ;D

 This is an unfinished piece I started awhile ago. I sort of lost focus when I was working on it. It may or may not get finished one day. :/

Drawn in my sketchbook with microns and any other black pens I could get ahold of. The colors were edited a bit from the scan, but nothing else was really changed.

 Random Stuff
 Just some more circular doodles.
 his was fun. I really really really love these two as characters. I may need to revisit them. I think they'd make for a cute little pair to draw.
 This is just so random. I really got into doodling these circle characters. I kept using the same predrawn stuff on them more or less and changed it up a bit each time, so I ended up making dozens with basically very little effort. ;D But I loved how they turned out. I don't know where the idea came from for this. I guess I figured it would hurt having a flag stabbed into me. ;D (I was tired when I drew this, if that helps you to understand where the idea may have come from.) I'm really digging the black/white/gray look. I love the simplicity of basic line art. And I've always loved the Olivia children's books that adds just a bit of color to the mostly black/white/gray photos, so I decided to throw that element in there as well at some point.
 Just more random doodle weirdness.
Just to add a bit of color in with all this black and white stuff. I tend to get carried away with figuring out which color looks best on my creatures. What color do you like best?

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