Saturday, September 8, 2007


Okay, I'm sick of seeing people laughing their butts off, to term it lightly. I am a christian person and try my best not to cuss, so I don't feel comfortable using the term LMAO, even if it is only typing the first letter. So, I have come up with another solution. LMSO! When I first used it as a text, someone thought it was also a crude term, but I assure you my version is not. It merely means either 2 things. I am either laughing my socks off or I have laughed my socks off. To make it funnier, and to incorporate my love of children's books into the mix, I've tried LMFSO. Laughing my fox in socks off! Now, was it so hard to change that A to an S? The letters are right next to one another. Would it hurt the world to move over one letter? That's just my opinion. If you prefer to laugh your backside off, then go right ahead. But for me, I'd rather lose my socks than an important piece of my body, like my backside. :) And yes, I did actually laugh my socks off in the picture....okay, maybe not literally, but they are my feet and my socks.

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