Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My "Other" blog

Okay, I've decided to start another blog. This one incorporates children into my love of art and children's illustrating. I have one neice and two nephews (so far) and no children of my own yet, so they will most likely be the children featured in my blog. Over the weekend, me and my neice did our first, real art project together, which you may view here. It's not the best work we could have done, but it's a start, anyway. :)
Hopefully I'll be able to post something there maybe once or twice a week, but don't hold your breath. My neice and nephews all seem to have short attention spans when it comes to sitting down, so if we start a project, it may take awhile to finish it if it ever even gets finished! :)
I hope this will inspire some other artists to incorporate children into their hobbies or work and show them why you do what you do and how much you love it. Who knows. You may help create the next Mary Engelbreit or Bob Ross. :) (My favorite artists.)

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