Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More and more and more graffiti!

I'm addicted. That's right, addicted, to Graffiti. (But I promise I only use the Graffiti on Facebook. I do not put Graffiti on buildings or anything. :) So, I've come up with a few more pictures now with the Graffiti app in facebook, like I described yesterday. It is just so much fun! :D The first one I cam up with yesterday, after I had already posted my other Graffiti's. Then these other two I came up with this morning. The one that has the two little "bugs" is one of my favorites. The first "bug" looks terrified of being called on for a question or something. (Much like I was in school! :D) The other one wants to answer the question, but is somewhat worried about his friend.
I really want a writing tablet now for my computer, because this is just so neat! The paint program is nothing like this. I can only imagine what a more advanced program would be like! :D

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