Saturday, November 17, 2007

One a piece

I've been on a creating rampage this weekend, and I've discovered that I love watercolor pencils. They're so much fun, and I've figured out how to create some pretty pictures with them! So, while I was creating some pictures, my neice wanted a picture of a ballerina, so I drew her one. But I couldn't possibly draw her something without drawing something for the other two, so I made a robot for my oldest nephew( since he loves "Transfomers" and gagdety things) and a frog prince for my youngest nephew, since he kept pointing to the frogs on my capri pajamas. :) So, here are all three pictures together. A robot, a frog, and a ballerina.

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  1. These drawings are so charming! Many thanks for the link :0) I'll link you back here soon.