Thursday, April 24, 2008

Scrapbooking lollapalooza!

Hey everyone! I've gotten back into my 'scrapbooking', which you can see that I've already started doing some of that here and here and here, and have purchased several new sheet templates (whole booklet worths actually) as well as some new tags and chipboard pieces and buttons and...well, anything I can find that I think I can make something neat out of. :) So, what have I made so far? Glad you asked! Below you'll see some of the new things I made from last night. I should have been sleeping, but once I start creating something, I just can't seem to stop!

Here's a cupcake I made. The tag says "Bliss". I wanted to put the letters for YUM on it, but I figured this would do better for now. (Oh, and I didn't make the cherries. That's just a little something I bought a few days ago that I was using to hold the picture up while I took the picture.)

This is a little tweety bird that I made. The feet and eyes are buttons. :) He has a little hook I made on his back, so that he can hang anywhere. I seem to like making birds lately. Maybe it's because it's spring and you can hear them more...?

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