Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cell phone cubby

I finally found a home for the ice cream patch I made! A cell phone bag cubby! It needs a handle or belt loop as right now, it can only live in my pocket or in my bag since it has nothing to latch onto with, but it came out fairly well and it holds my cell and any notes I write or camera cards I need to carry, or anything else small that I want to keep close by. :) The sewing is terrible on the edges, as I did it by hand and haven't mastered hiding my stitches or making them at least look good, but so far, it's help up well. I also used a spray glue to mount the ice cream to the felt baggy since I used very few stitches to hold it to the bag. It's been working great so far. I have yet to wash it so I guess that will be the ultimate test, but since this was something fun just for me, it turned out pretty good. :)

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