Friday, May 21, 2010

Semi-handmade purse

This is only a semi handmade dainty purse. I found some really cute pants for teens at a local store that were on sale at a VERY cheap price. So I bought a couple of pairs because the fabric was so wonderfully soft and had a great feeling to it. I guess you could call it spandex? I need to read the label, but for lack of energy to do so at the moment, we'll call it a form of spandex. It's stretchy and very soft and silky like on the outside. The bottom of the pants were bunched up so that they created instant capri like pants. I simply cut off the end of one legging and created this little purse. I did have to sew the bottom and everything else, but my part ended up being mostly easy. :) The perfect way to do a purse, in my opinion. LoL! I guess the hard part will be figuring out what to carry in it. Anyway, here's the finished one. This is the one I created for my neice. Hers came out alot cuter then the one I made for me, so I'm only going to share hers with you all. :)

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