Sunday, May 2, 2010

What items do you create with?

Just wanted to dedicate this post to some of my favorite craft items. Here are a few that I adore and use fairly often:

1. Buttons!
2. scrapbook paper, or paper with designs
3. Fiskars Cutter Bee Scissors (these are seriously the best thing I've ever bought. Everyone should own at least one pair of these.)
4. stamps (Love so many, I really don't have any particular fave brand or design really.)
5. sandpaper

Sandpaper? Yes, sandpaper. It was years before I discovered it's multifunctional use for art. Have a lumpy chipboard piece? Use sandpaper to buff out the chinks! Need a distressed look but don't have a distress tool handy or can't find one you like? Sandpaper works well!

Oh, and I suppose a number 6 item would be art/craft/scrapbook magazines. These really are priceless for ideas and projects and techniques. My favorite so far is Scrapbooks, Etc. They work best for me because they offer multiple projects, such as art projects, diy projects, gift ideas, card ideas, scrapbook layouts, and so much more! However, there are many to choose from, so the next time you're near the magazine aisle, be sure to check out what's out there! :D


  1. There's one thing I tell everyone who I craft with: "This is my gluestick; don't mess with my gluestick." I can never have too many and am forever in search of the best kind.

  2. LoL! That's a search I'm sharing with you! Glue is so variable. Every brand and bottle is so different for me. I've found that I like Martha Stewart's white permanent craft glue, but I don't like the clear one. :/ Rubber Cement by Elmer's usually works well for most of my paper projects because it doesn't wrinkle the paper and and messes can be wiped away when it's dry.