Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time for a Giveaway!!!!


Finally got this together! Still wish I had more time and energy to put more into it but for now, this will have to settle as my first official giveaway. :D One of the sets is going to be given away here and the other on my facebook fan page.

Okay, first off, The Rules:

There aren't many. Mostly, just that the same person can't win both prizes. That would hardly seem fair. Second, that you must like my facebook page or be a follower of my blog. Third, that you must advertise the giveaway in a post somehow with the link shared on this post. This can be via your blog, just a status on facebook, through your fanpage, whatever. As long as you spread the word about the giveaway and post the link here or on my facebook fan page post, you're entered. :D
All of my giveaways probably won't follow these same rules but I figured as my first giveaway, I'd make it a sort of promotional thing. ;D I also plan on doing more giveaways when I reach some of the 100 follower marks (100 likes, 500, etc.) so the more people who like my page, the more possibilities of a giveaway! :D You can enter via both my blog and facebook page for double the chance to win.

Second, the prizes! :D

Each set comes with a brand new, signed (by both me, the author - Tabitha Grace Smith- and Jack and Machu) copy of both Jack the Kitten is Very Brave, and Machu the Cat is Very Hungry. Also included is a special signed 'Color me Silly' zine created by me with some coloring pages of some of my line work. These are my first zine's and are probably going to be seriously limited edition until I hopefully get to create some more. :D (I think it's between 12 to 14 pages long.) Additionaly, I have created two sets of necklace items. Each set is unique to either Jack or Machu so in one set, there is a Jack oriented (blue) thread spool necklace with an accompanying bell as well as envelopes with kitten related items. The second set is for Machu which is pretty much the same items, only in his 'color' (red). So you're getting at least $50 worth of one of a kind prizes. :D

The contest will run for two weeks. So starting today and ending November 16th, midnight my time, which is Eastern Time (USA). So any entries from now until midnight November 16th will be entered. Any posts after that are disqualified. I will probably use a randomizer to pick the winners. I think that's about it.

Ready...set...go! :D

Edit: This is open to anyone and everywhere, regardless of area. This may change for future giveaways, depending on cost and shipping issues, but for this giveaway, everyone is welcome to enter. :D

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