Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Experimental stuffs and a couple of freebies! :D

A couple of pieces I worked on last night. The bottom one are some pieces I started with and as I played around with the brushes and how they worked, I ended up creating the big bad wolf and piggy picture. ;) I really like this style. Definitely going to be trying to incorporate it into my work. So hopefully, you'll be seeing more pieces that get better and better like this. ;)

Oh, and a couple of freebie wallpapers for your computer! :D These are only in one size right now, so I'm sorry if they get a little skewed on your computer. If there are requests for other sizes, I'll add those as well, but for now, I figured these would work. ;) Happy early halloween! :D

*The desktop images are free for personal use only. Do not redistribute, alter or claim them as your own, thank you.


  1. i love the big bad wolf!! it is stunning and fun to look at!!