Friday, December 14, 2012

Misfits continued...

It was a little harder to come up with a name for this first guy. But so far I'm calling him a Pokey Moley. :/ The other one I've dubbed a Fuzzhee Lebra. ;D So far this is set three of my Misfits creatures. I think I may stop with these six for now and make them my "main characters" in this...erm, whatever this actually is. I think I'll work on developing their "world" next. :)

Here's the six of my misfits so far all together with their logo. Not sure I like the logo, but it will stay for now.

Species list in order of appearance from left to right. This is my first idea of the look I'm thinking about for their world. Apparently they have a sinister side (hence the thunder and rain and blank expressions) but their world is bright and colorful to make up for it?

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