Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some old stuff and something new.

I recently went through some old storage I've had of pictures I drew from when I first started drawing. Pretty much everything from about the first 3 years I started drawing were in the box. I thought it would be fun to share my old style and let some stuff that never saw the light of day get a chance to breathe. ;D As you can see, this is from 2006.

I found this one and thought it would be a fun Christmas picture to share and to show, mostly to myself, how far I've progressed over the years. What amazes me is that I used to have time to actually draw and color all this by hand. I don't have the patience for coloring like that anymore. Digitial coloring is just so much faster and cleaner, obviously, but I didn't get that equipment until later, so this was really the only way I could draw at the time. I was greatly inspired by Mary Engelbreit's work (she's actually the reason I decided to start drawing at all) and I wanted to try my hand at doing some illustrations of my own, similar to her style. As she draws with colored pencils and markers, that's exactly what I used here.

I need to create one of those progression meme's that show how far you've come. Although it would be easier if I wrote dates on this stuff. XD

Another old piece I found in my storage. This one isn't dated, but I imagine it's around 2006 as well. I haven't had time to create much Christmas art lately, so this will have to do. XD Also done with Markers and colored pencils and still inspired by Mary Engelbreit's work. Maybe one day I'll recreate some of these digitally. And then again, maybe it's best I don't. XD

And something new. :) This is the sketch and the completed piece side by side. I may use him in something somehow, but I'm not sure what. I really liked the sketch of this. Even better then the outcome. :p

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