Friday, April 19, 2013

Bunches more practice

 This is missing something, I just can't figure out what. :/ Nothing I can think of would fit right to me. But I liked the design. I may revisit this later and rework it a bit. I think it makes a rather cute simple stand alone piece. This little owl character actually popped into my head when I was working on my Misfit characters. I thought maybe he might live among them somehow.
 These were so much fun. They originally started out as musical notes. And they sort of turned into musical note candles? When I gave them a background, they just looked like a trio singing out happy birthday to someone, so I added the wicks and flames. I would love to create more things with these three. They just seem like a fun little group. And I was really pleased with the colors and overall look of this. I planned on naming them possibly Fa, La, and Lala. ;)

Just a little more practice with digital painting. Still trying to find something that works for me. Created this little guy for a quick study. The green crown should have been yellow it seems. Or black. Definitely would have suited him better with those colors. Live and learn I guess.

The title (Rabbittted) is actually what I randomly named the file while progressively saving it. It seems to suit the picture quite well though. I pulled this rabbit design off of one of my old sketch pages. Just some more random painting practice.

 This piece is so random. But I kind of like how it turned out. Not sure the idea is quite right though. Or that it even makes sense. O.o Fun to practice with it though. I like the robot's body, though his eyes gave me a bit of trouble. And I have no idea how he could have cracked his forehead. Maybe he has a friend with a short circuit? XD So yeah, just ignore this.

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