Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Some random things and a dancing bug

Just some random things.  I'm pretty sure you can figure out the gist of them without any descriptions for each, so I won't bore you guys with any of that on this post. ;)  If you do have questions, feel free to ask.  You can also find me on facebook and deviantart if you'd rather contact me there. 

And an interesting fact I just discovered is that I just saw a link on my stats that led to this post, that is apparently based off of my original blog post here.    They referenced use of my page and even the page that I used as reference (I'm assuming I was somehow their main reference for that to happen).  So I guess that's pretty cool.  I can't imagine anyone learning anything from that post though LoL!  If anyone does happen to use it to make a sketchbook, I'd love to see how it comes out.  ;D 

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