Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Thursday Inspiration.
"Be more awesome than a chicken riding an umbrella with an alligator."
I like to think I'm that awesome.  ;) 
The sticker is from the Darice dollar packs available at Michael's.  I seem to buy a new set every time I go in!

 Weekend quotes in my new striped notebook to keep me going this week.  I think I may make this my quote book.  It currently is a catchall list book but I really adding some of my favorite quotes to it.

I have a library book I need to read, so I thought some reading/book quotes might inspire me. 

I keep seeing all of these cute paper clips people have made, so I made a couple the other night and added this little bow one to my a5 planner and it matches everything perfectly. I ended up accidentally touching the scalding hot glue to my thumb and finger as I was holding it and almost dropped it and grabbed it with my fingers instead of letting it fall, so that wasn't fun.  Thankfully it didn't leave any permanent damage!
 The bow came from michaels dollar fifty area (from awhile ago) and the pens came from target. The teal one was from the dollar spot trio set (all different colors) that is currently out and the green one is a Yoobi pen, which also came in a set of three, although they were all the same color. I absolutely love the Yoobi pens. I bought two types and these were my favorite. They're very smooth and write amazingly. They can smear so you have to let them dry just a bit but I still love them. Still haven't figured out what to do with this little booklet I made either. I added a sticker from my freckled fawn package I got along with some washi tape but that's as far as I've gotten so far. :/

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