Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pocket Letters and new supplies

A quick update on some cool new pocket letter/planer goodies I've come across lately as well as a couple of pocket letters I've sent out.  
 My mom found these awesome box kits on sale and while they're actually for Christmas, they make perfect Valentine boxes as well! 
 Found these adorable drink and pastry paper sticky note set at the dollar tree!  They all come in a pack together and while the bigger two are just note pads, the little donut hole is a sticky note pad!
 Found these awesome trio set of notebooks at the dollar tree as well.  They are lined, unlined and graph papers.  I decided to use the zebra one as my new Listers Gotta List booklet. 

These are probably the cutest set of buttons I have ever seen.  I absolutely love them and bought a set for myself as well as to send out in my pocket letters.   
 A sample of awesome goodies to play with that I bought from scrapbook.com.  I love the Lawn Fawn stamp set.  They're very high quality and super adorable!
 Here's a sneak peek at the two pocket letters I've sent out this year for January. 

This is my latest work in progress mixed media / valentines day pocket letter.  Haven't found anyone to send it to so far but hopefully will soon.  ;)  

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  1. That pocket letter is colorful and creative.
    I hope you found someone to send it to!