Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Facebook Giveaway for April!

Do you have a facebook account? Then come join us! Because it' time for April's giveaway! :D This one is a little bit different and way more awesome. Instead of just doing some doodle cards, I decided to step things up. Since so many people I know seem to be having a birthday this month, I decided to put a celebratory spin on this one. ;) So this giveaway comes with a whole doodle mini booklet (signed and numbered with 22 original doodles)...AND two bonus cards for you to send to your friends (for any celebration, not just birthdays)!! :D Now, for the rules: Simply tell me ONE of the following: Your favorite birthday gift, party, or memory. AND if you refer a friend to like my page, you'll get DOUBLE entry points into the drawing!! :D If your birthday is this month, you'll get TRIPLE entry points!!! (To ensure both me and you know you are entered, I will 'like' your post. If you do not see that I, Mindy Lou Hagan Studios, has liked your post before the end of the giveaway, then make sure you give me a heads up, otherwise I won't know you entered and you'll lose out. This happened before, so be sure to check back that I have 'liked' your post!!!) And if you refer a friend(s), make sure they specfify YOUR name in the post, so you'll get the double points. ;) I'll leave this open until...Friday, April 27th, sometime in the afternoon? Fine print: All images are copyrighted and not to be sold, reproduced, or altered without my permission. For personal use only. All items will be shipped as cheaply and easily as possible and Mindy Lou Hagan Studios will not be responsible for damages or loss of items. Items will not be replaced if lost or damaged. It is the entrants responsibility to ensure proper entry based on the specified rules above. Mindy Lou Hagan Studios is not responsible for any 'lost' entries or 'missed' entries. Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask. This giveaway is open to all fans. :) THIS IS ONLY FOR MY FAN PAGE. ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED VIA ANY OTHER PAGE/WEBSITE/ETC., ONLY THROUGH THE MINDY LOU HAGAN STUDIOS FAN PAGE. YOU CAN FIND THE PAGE AT: MINDY LOU HAGAN STUDIOS

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