Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I didn't want to shell out a ton of money for a nook cover....

...So I improvised and made my own. ;) I've been looking for a nook cover since I got mine, but they were either over what I really wanted to pay or I just knew they wouldn't suit my needs the way I wanted them to. Most premade items seem to turn out that way for me. :/ So while rummaging through my things and tossing stuff out I didn't use, I ran across this. Inside, it originally housed a glued in box (about two inches thick) full of art items (pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, etc.) on one side and a sketch book and instruction booklet on the other. So, keeping the sketchbook/booklet side in tact, I ripped out the glued in box and tried hot gluing in some new scrapbook paper. Didn't work the first time, as the glue dried too quickly. :/ So I pulled off what I could and tried again, this time covering it with a piece of felt first so that I could push it down as I went without creating any unsightly bumps. Then just glued the scrapbook paper down over that when I got done. :) Instantly perfect and useful nook tablet to suit ME! (Also added in a pencil holder under the felt as well.) Then I put figured out where I wanted my tablet to sit, glued down the velcro pieces (stuck together), then pulled off the backing for the nook side (keeping them stuck together) and placed the nook exactly where it fit perfectly inside. :) So far it has worked great and held up perfectly fine. It's a bit bigger then my nook and thicker, but since I'm normally carrying around a sketchbook and other bits of paper and things, it suits me perfectly. My moleskin fits inside the side flaps as well, so nothing easily falls out as it would have if the pocket were open. For once, I'm glad I improvised. ;)

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