Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's finally Halloween! :D

Happy Halloween fellow bloggers!

Just wanted to share some other pieces with you that are holiday related. :)

This piece is just...old. And crazy. Just like me, pretty much. XD

Another old piece. Sorry for it's tiny size. :S

Something I created last night for practice and fun. I love the Nightmare Before Christmas, especially the mayor. Something about him is just so adorable and quirky. I couldn't resist drawing him up. Hope you like him. I also thought I'd add him to my Society 6 page here.

More random line arts. Sorry if this is a repeat share. I thought it would be fun to share for today. :)

Another old piece. Very old. And ugly. But hopefully it's ugliness makes it more spooky. That something so hideous could have ever been created. LoL! XD

Hope everyone has a lovely and safe Halloween! Also have some pumpkin pictures I forgot to share. Might share them later this week if I remember. ;)

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