Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do something remarkable

Another ‪#‎artjournal‬ work in progress. I laid down a layer of masking tape on this first and the colors came out a bit more muted then I liked. I had to keep adding layers to get some of that vibrancy back. Which is what ‪#‎mixedmedia‬ pages are all about right, adding layers? Still I like how it's turned out so far. I picked up some stickers at ‪#‎tuesdaymorning‬ awhile ago that have a bit of transparency to them and used a few of them here. ‪#‎alwaysremembertofollowyourheart‬. ‪#‎dosomethingremarkable‬ ‪#‎painting‬ ‪#‎layers‬ ‪#‎colorfulpages‬

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