Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Personalizing my planner

 I made some more gelliprints as I used all mine for other projects and decided I wanted one as divider. (The square sheet protector is from a Heidi Swapp memory planner kit I had.) Still working on getting my planner into some working order. I found some calendar/weekly inserts this weekend (that I hate) but they don't even start until July so I have to figure out what I want to do until then. The monthly inserts from cocoa daisy look awesome but I'm hesitant to rush into getting them just yet, in case I won't like them either. I can't seem to find a good layout I really like. And I haven't had much luck with printing my own out.  :/  No matter what I do they look hideous so I definitely want to buy any I get. Guess I'll keep looking and trying to manage until I find some or until July gets here. Lol. 

                                                         Just making a mess, as usual.

Forgot I had this little stamp in my stash. It came in a sushi roll crayola stationary kit I found at Big Lots some time ago. I thought it was adorable. It comes with chopstick like pens and a little notepad and sticky notes (the sushi roll one it's sitting on) in a little bento like lunch box. The bottom of this little guy has three stars on it, that you may be able to see in the corner there. 

I placed a small order online Friday for a few things on Oh Deer Me via www.freckledfawn.com and they arrived Monday! I'm amazed at how quick they were! And how cute everything is. I love it! Will definitely be ordering from them again. Can't wait to start using everything! 

I have enough daily memory keepers, but I really liked this book I made from some gelliprints. So I decided I want to use it as a inspiration / memory keeper type of book instead. Sort of like the midori? I often end up leaving these books half unfinished (I have several sitting around in my studio). But I am determined to finish this one. We'll see how it goes I guess. 

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