Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#letscollabthisthing - An art collaboration with...me?!

  A couple of years ago I created this to try to do an art collaboration with another artist.  Things fell through and we didn't get to do one together, sadly.  I've always wanted to do a collab for some reason but have not yet found anyone who has had the time or inspiration to want to try their hand at one with me.  I'm going to pretend they're too in awe of my awesomeness.  That sounds about right...right??  I started thinking about it and decided I wanted to try to do one anyway, but that I would try it a little differently by adding it here and letting those that want to collab this with me have a try at it.  I thought it might be more fun that way then what I had originally planned anyway.  :D

   If you want to do this as a collab, right click on the image above and select "view image".  Once the image is full size in your screen, right click again and select "Save image as" and save it to your computer.  Once saved, print it off or open it in your art program (or however else you plan to collab this picture with me) and get to work! :D  You can paint on it, draw on it, or whatever, it's up to you, it just has to be something creative.  Once completed, scan, upload or snap a picture of it and feel free to share it on your page, or wherever, using the hashtag: #letscollabthisthing.  Just be sure to include somewhere that the piece is an art collaboration with me, Mindy Lou Hagan.  (You can add your name in the lined blank at the bottom next to my name.)

  I would love it if you guys shared this with me.  You can comment here or send it in an email or post a link to my facebook or deviantart page or wherever.  I would love to see what you come up with!  I'll definitely do a shout out post as well and share as many images as I can across my media pages.  So let's get to work and collab this thing! :D 

(If this one goes well, I will try to do some more in various types of my styles so we can collab together again! :D)

#letscollabthisthing #artcollaboration #letsbeawesometogether

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